Is it possible to love your day job? This graduate says yes.

Jasper Furniss spent the first decade of his career in ministry as a worship leader. Though he’d already received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in ministry-related fields, Jasper knew he wasn’t finished learning. When a friend mentioned The Iron Yard, he was intrigued. Though he’d dabbled in code before, he had never had any formal training. “I love to learn,” he said. “I feel like the opportunity to learn something so complex as programming so quickly and develop a passion for it is what really interested me and brought me here.”

“For most of my vocational life, I’ve been using just raw creativity,” Jasper said. “But there’s a side of me that really wanted to solve complex problems. The Iron Yard sounded like an awesome fit for me to kind of tap into a different side of myself.” He enrolled in our Front-End Engineering course in Greenville, SC in January 2015.

Jasper’s curiosity and love of learning helped him grasp not only the programming concepts he learned, but also a core understanding of what it’s like to think like a programmer. “I think the thing that intrigued me about the Iron Yard was the meta-skill of learning,” he said. “The Iron Yard doesn’t just teach you a programming language or even the skill of programming. It teaches you how to learn and how to continue to grow throughout the rest of your life.”

After graduating, Jasper began freelancing. He had a lot of contacts from previous jobs and friends, and once he told his network that he was open to new opportunities he got tons of responses. “The Iron Yard prepared me for the real world by giving me a skillset that is in such high demand right now,” he said. “I now have the ability to solve complex problems, to think through complexity, and to not give up.”

Today, Jasper is a full-stack developer at Worthwhile. “I deal with front-end and back-end technology, so I think about how awesome a page looks and also where all the data gets stored and saved and sent,” he said. “Pretty much everything you can imagine that has to do with a website, I get to put my hands on which I love.”

When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to go to work. I love the new challenges every day of solving problems. It really is a fun career to me and something that I can see myself enjoying forever. It’s a joy to be in a career or field like that. I get to do that every day because of The Iron Yard.


  1. Your post really inspired me to reach for higher goals in my life. I also love to learn new things. I am an entrepreneur and plan on contacting Jasper when the time comes for me to hire someone to build a website for me.

  2. Lelia King

    Awesome, Lennie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing! Congratulations.
    “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

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