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If you think about it, nearly every company in the world today is a tech company. Media conglomerates, educational institutions and global retailers all rely on technology to do business every day. Think about your own job – how many times a day do you rely on technology to get things done at work?

These companies are also facing increasingly complex business problems – many of which could be solved using technology. But equipping employees with the right tech skills to solve those problems can be a huge challenge. 

From day one at The Iron Yard, we’ve focused on both helping people begin new careers and helping companies address the tech skills gap. To date, more than 600 employers have hired our graduates. As we continued to work with these companies, we heard more and more often how difficult it was for them to train their current employees as quickly as needed to keep up with their changing business needs.

We realized that our immersive, intensive education model could help. Over the last year, we’ve worked with several organizations on corporate training programs for recruiting, onboarding, reskilling and upskilling – lots of buzzwords that essentially mean helping companies get the right people in the right positions.

We’ve worked side-by-side with these companies to create super-specialized training programs that help them remain competitive without having to spend tons of money or hire tons of new people. It’s a win-win – companies are able to efficiently tackle the challenges they face and employees can improve their careers and gain new skills without leaving those companies.

In this video, two of our corporate partners, Blackbaud and Spoonflower, share their experiences of working with our Corporate Training team to educate their employees.

Mary Beth Westmoreland, CTO at Blackbaud, said this of her experience with us:

We have the same challenges as any high tech company, finding great talent. We work really hard at it. We always look for good people. We want people of very different, diverse backgrounds, different levels of experience, and different functional skills.

We brought The Iron Yard in to help us train. We worked in partnership with The Iron Yard to develop a curriculum that’s specific to our ecosystem, our platform, and our engineers. It was a really great experience. They were able to take their learnings and apply them to the very next day.

What I love about this immersive experience is it teaches people how to learn. In just a short amount of time, one of our employees can go from not knowing anything about JavaScript, to being a pretty good developer in JavaScript. To have that quick turnaround and that experience really gives us a leverage point that we just didn’t have before.

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  1. Do you guys work with Anthem? I work for them and I know my boss has a couple agreements with companies for training, but they don’t offer the kinds of super user SharePoint training a couple of us need. It’s probably not something you would do anyway because it’s not coding per second, but I thought I would reach out and ask nevertheless.

  2. Lelia King

    Thanks for reaching out Deborah! We’ve passed your comment on to our Corporate Training team and one of our team members should be in touch soon.

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