Three things I look for when hiring junior developers: Worthwhile’s Dan Rundle

Dan Rundle is CEO of software development firm Worthwhile. He’s also one of our most active Advisory Board members and has hired several Iron Yard grads. Dan sat down for a conversation with us about what it’s like to be part of our Advisory Board and what he looks for when hiring junior developers. (Want to get into programming? Start here.)

We wanted to share a few highlights from Dan’s interview, including three things he looks for during the hiring process.

  1. Skill – First, can the candidate do the job? Is he or she good at programming? To be successful, it’s no question that candidates for our junior developer positions need to have a good foundation and understanding of programming.
  2. Culture fit – This is actually even more important than skill level. Will the candidate live out and love the company’s values? Is this a person of character? Dan sees Iron Yard grads as people who are hard workers, who take risks and are passionate about becoming programmers. The fact that our grads chose to go through our immersive code bootcamp gives him confidence in their level of commitment.
  3. Interest and curiosity – If candidates have a good programming foundation, asking great questions shows that they are ready to keep learning and building upon their development skills.

Dan also touched on why he is passionate about serving on our Advisory Board. His involvement keeps him at the forefront of the local tech industry, and he loves having the opportunity to impact future developers.

The Iron Yard right now is working to solve an important business problem – that is there is not enough talent in technology. They’re actually working to solve the problem and bring more qualified people into the industry that are excited about it and that are ready to learn.

We owe so much of our success to Dan and all of our amazing Advisory Board members who ensure that we offer the most high-quality and cutting-edge curriculum and that we’re continually improving. Watch the clip below for more good stuff from Dan.

Worthwhile CEO – Dan Rundle from TheIronYard on Vimeo.


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