Raleigh-Durham Demo Day Recap

For 12 weeks, our students put their heart and soul into learning how to code. At the end of each cohort, we celebrate the culmination of their immersive training and all they have accomplished at Demo Day. Demo Day gives each of our grads the opportunity to show off the applications they’ve built to prospective employers, community leaders and peers after weeks of hard work and preparation.

On July 13, our Raleigh and Durham campuses joined forces to host one of our largest Demo Day events to date. Not only did the event draw a full house of leaders and advisory board members from the Triangle area, it brought together more than 20 members of The Iron Yard team to support our students in-person. We consider it a privilege that our students choose us to be a part of their journey and watching them share their projects with the community is a powerful reminder of the why we love coming to work everyday.

The Raleigh-Durham Demo Day was also the first time we used Facebook live so that family members, friends and anyone interested in viewing the students projects could join in on the fun. In case you missed it, you can watch the full Demo Day video below.

Here are some reflections on demo day from a few of our team members.

Sam Kapila

Last month, two campuses combined their demo day where students in Front End, Java, Rails, Python, and Mobile presented their work! Additionally, we invited advisory board partners and alumni to also present their work! So amazing to see alumni from two years ago, as well as former instructors (now on advisory board) come and support students. Great work by both campus teams!

Stacey Vernon

The Raleigh-Durham Demo Day was my favorite event that we’ve done. It was amazing to see a community-wide presence around The Iron Yard in one building and to see what incredible things our grads and alums are capable of doing. From impacting work for local employers to creating tools for social good and accessibility, it’s inspiring to see. Very rewarding to be a part of it.

Nicole Palumbo

The Raleigh-Durham combined Demo Day was stressful, exciting, and eye-opening. Planning such a big event wasn’t new to me, but the unknown of what other Demo Days looked like the past and trying to replicate and improve those was a challenge for me. I felt extremely thankful and very fortunate to stand side-by-side with Dana, Stacey, and Fielding as we brought this event to life. It was amazing to see what The Iron Yard has accomplished since landing here a few years ago. Having the chance to see alumni in their current roles developing life changing products was not only awesome, but very impressive. I think I speak for all of us when I say we were extremely grateful for those Advisory Board members that participated in our live presentations and for the entire board’s continuous support for The Iron Yard.

Dana Calder

It’s really exciting to host Demo Day and connect with hiring partners and share what Iron Yard students are capable of offering as developers. Watching the Triangle tech community connect and listen to our grads’ stories and share opportunities is such a rewarding part of Demo Day.

Fielding Arnold

It was fun to witness all the work that our students put in over the past three months come to life at Demo Day, whether on stage, or in booths as they showed off their applications in person. And it was great to watch TIY staff – instructors, ops staff and others – get to watch and know they played a part in the journey of each student presenter. 


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