Seizing opportunities: Kyle’s story

When the company Kyle Holliday was working for saw enough business to start building their own internal software, Kyle saw an opportunity, “I was wearing a couple of different hats there, and as the company grew, they started to build out their own software. I talked to some of the developers to see if there was any way I could help out, and I ended up doing some internal testing.”

In the past, Kyle had experimented with coding through Code Academy, but the chance to work on actual software gave him the push he needed to start seriously considering a career as a web developer. As he was investigating his options for breaking into the development world, Kyle, like a lot of our students, focused heavily on student outcomes.
“I didn’t want to sign a contract that guaranteed me a job but placed me at some company I didn’t care about doing work for,” he said. “I figured if I was going to do this and start a new career, and do something that I loved, it made sense to not trap myself into a job that was mindless.”

Kyle continued, “Coding is great because there’s a lot of problem solving, but there’s also analysis, logic and lots of space for creativity. All of those things married really well with my interests, and I wanted to find work that would allow me do all of those things.”

Kyle decided to enroll in The Iron Yard’s Front-End Engineering course and was a member of the first cohort at the Charlotte campus. When it came to his course work, Kyle admits it was difficult. “It was great. It was tough. There were definitely some night that I was up until 2 or 3 in the morning, but I wanted to make sure I was squeezing every ounce out of every lesson that I could,” he said. “The experience was awesome though. Our instructor – Luke –  was probably the number one reason why I had such a good experience. He found a nice balance between not holding your hand or giving you the answer, but letting you figure it out for yourself.”
Kyle is now a web developer at SignUpGenius and loving his job. “They’ve been letting me find my way instead of just placing me somewhere. I’m still doing training, but they have a really good onboarding program. I know everybody says that about where they work, but it’s genuinely a good group of people. They’ve been amazing. It’s surreal. A great group of people.”

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