Stories from the field: Houston alumni roundtable

As companies grow and change, it’s not uncommon for the people at the ‘top’ (like executives) to lose touch with the people on the ground—the customer, and in our case, the students. Over the last few years, The Iron Yard has grown into a national school with more than 20 campuses, but I know first hand that the people leading this company work hard to stay in touch and involved with the students we serve each day. 

One way we do that is through roundtables, which are informal discussions where we gather students and alumni to hear their stories and listen to their feedback on The Iron Yard experience. I look forward to these chats with students more than almost any part of my job. Recently, I sat down with several alumni in Houston to eat pizza and hear their stories. Below I’ve compiled some of the highlights from our discussion.

Interested in hearing more? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to connect you with a graduate.

It’s part of the reason why The Iron Yard is successful, in my opinion, because you maintain those connections [with alumni]. A lot more people care about the success of it than just the people that work here from day-to-day.

It’s like the most fulfilling work that I’ve ever done because every little piece of technology matters so much even though its not necessarily like super high-tech stuff.

[My old job] was nice for a little bit but then it got repetitive, boring and I needed something else. So, finally I ended up coming [to The Iron Yard]. I did the front end class with Matt and now I work for a company here in town, SHR. Our product is a booking engine for hotels.

I wanted to get more control and also find the depth of a technical skill. So, I tried front end at The Iron Yard and because of my knowledge of Russian, I was able to secure a job immediately after I graduated at a local company that’s growing very rapidly.

I’ve done a couple of startups since then and I have some cool postmortem stories. I’ve also started working for an Ember.js consultancy recently. I’m working with people that are way smarter than me which is generally how I like to live my life because it makes me better. Other than that, I really love The Iron Yard and the community it provides.

I’ve had three jobs and I’ve not had one day of unemployment. It’s not like I was looking for a job. One of them, we just parted ways one day and I literally made a phone call and before I finished my 20-minute drive home from work, I [had a job to start] the next day.

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