Diversity in tech: How code schools can make an impact

USA Today recently reported that women represent 26 percent of computing professionals and only 12 percent of professional engineers. Another study found that top universities graduate black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering students at twice the rate that leading technology companies hire them.

The diversity gap in the tech field is well-documented. Now, the industry is challenged to do something about it. We are beginning to see initiatives by companies – including tech giants like Pinterest and Intel – working to address this issue and raise the bar for the industry.

While these internal efforts are a strong step in the right direction for making changes to the current tech workforce, code schools have the unique opportunity to help shape the diverse workforce of the future.

The Iron Yard’s Executive Director of the Code School Jessica Mitsch and Nashville Campus Director Josh Cournoyer recently attended TechUp in Nashville, an event that connects diverse tech talent with companies who believe diversity is an advantage, and that inclusive teams are stronger, smarter, and better. While at TechUp, Jessica and Josh sat down with Clark Buckner from the Relationary podcast to talk about The Iron Yard’s diversity efforts, including leveraging diversity scholarships and modeling inclusivity in the workplace.

Listen to the full podcast episode here to learn more about what The Iron Yard is doing to promote diversity in tech and increase access to coding education.

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