The Iron Yard collaborates with White House on Opportunity Project

Today, we had the honor of collaborating with the White House for a very cool announcement to launch the Opportunity Project. The project involves making community-specific data open and available to help communities positively leverage that data and find solutions to their most pressing problems and challenges.

White House Opportunity Project The Iron Yard code bootcampDuring today’s announcement, we committed to using the “Open Opportunity Data” in our curricula and student projects, which means our students will be able to use this data to create apps and tools that are civic-minded and address their community’s specific needs.

It’s pretty awesome to imagine students at each of our 21 U.S. locations working on building things that help the communities where they live and work. In fact, that’s exactly the kind of thing we mean when we talk about our mission to create change for people, companies and communities through technology education. Our CEO Peter Barth put it this way:

“The White House has done an incredible job gathering the data for the Opportunity Project and I am confident that by encouraging our students to use the data in their group work and final projects we will see a variety of creative solutions to some of our communities’ biggest challenges.”

OpenData White House Opportunity Project Iron YardThe type of data that will now be available will address topics such as fair housing and access to jobs, quality schools and transportation. It will be used to help leaders, non-profits, local officials, and the media navigate and visualize information about neighborhood-level opportunities.

More details about the Opportunity Project can be found in the White House fact sheet here:


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