Julie Rich: From Oil Fields to Web Developer

From time to time we like to share the exciting “stories in the making” and allow you to get to know more about current students and graduates. From this vantage you can learn more about where they’ve come from and where they are going.

We hope their stories inspire you to think much bigger about your career in software and technology!

This is Julie Rich’s story.


What were you doing before The Iron Yard?

Prior to the Iron Yard I was an office manager for an oil company in West Texas. I was working 100 hour weeks trying to juggle that and have a family life. I had hit a glass ceiling and the walls were closing in around me! I was miserable, It was time for a change!

So my husband and I made the decision to get out of the oil field, and thats what we did. We sold our house and moved to Houston. About a week after I arrived this “Leap of Faith” as my husband put it turned into “Holy Sh!t, what now!!!

A few days after that, my husband heard an ad for the Iron Yard and decided we should go talk to them. I was crazy skeptical, I mean I loved the thought and sound of it all, but could they really teach someone my age with zero experience in development?

I had always been interested and intrigued by development, but had zero idea where to start! I graduated college in 2003 so I was pretty sure none of my computer classes were even remotely relevant! (I was sooo right!!!).

We went in and talked to Brian, and what we experienced was welcoming and exciting. His excitement specifically, convinced me, that I could really do this! They really can teach me and he left me with no doubts in regards to that!

What made you ultimately decide on attending The Iron Yard?

Meeting Brian, and seeing his excitement and confidence in their ability to not only teach me development, but to help me succeed even after the class.

They are building a family, not just a group of students. I felt from that first meeting that they would have my back and I could make this work!

Then when I met my instructor Matt for the first time I knew I had not misjudged the situation! I would be a Web Developer!

What are you doing / where are you now?

I am an EMPLOYED WED DEVELOPER!!!!!! I am working a TopSpot Internet Marketing in Houston. I actually met their representative on Demo Day at the Iron Yard!

Any final thoughts, things you’d like to share with the audience?

This is the BEST choice you will make! The three months are hard, but you have a family at the Iron Yard to push you through. So to sum up: THE IRON YARD ROCKS!!!!!

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