Durham: We’re Coming and We’re Partnering with SmashingBoxes!

And we’re partnering with the premier web and mobile development companies in the Southeast, SmashingBoxes, to make it all happen! You see, it just made too much sense for us to join with a local establishment that’s already knocking it out of the park and providing our extraordinary program as a complement to what’s already going on!

Naturally, we’ve figured out a killer place to land: American Underground (yeah, it keeps getting better and better!), a unique campus-like experience for our new students. If you’ve ever toured there at all then you know it’ll provide that Iron Yard-touch that you’ve come to expect from us via our other campus experiences.

If you’d like to read more about what’s going on check SmashingBoxes blog post about it as well as some local press from Durham Magazine.

We’ve got tons more to share with you about this unique partnership but we want you to be the first to know that signups are already open (and filling quickly) and we’d like for you to be part of our inaugural cohort there!

Per usual, you can ping us directly via email or call us at anytime: 1-855-762-7446

Can’t wait to meet you and hang! This year is going to be epic for the NC state!

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