How Far We’ve Come


This video is a bit old but it’s a video we haven’t published explicitly yet. I suppose the point of sharing something like this at this point in time is to take a moment and review how far we’ve come since this video was shot.

We now have 3 accelerator programs up and running and 3 established Code Schools with more on the way (booting up this year!). It’s hard to know how quickly you’re running when you’re right in the middle of it but if you can take a moment for a literal breather and appreciate the distance that you’ve covered then you can celebrate.

And that’s the point – I hope that you and your team(s) are taking the adequate time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished in the first quarter of 2014 – sure, it feels as if we’ve just started and there’s still so much more to do but make sure that you spot some time to take your team out for lunch, do a celebratory dinner (or coffee break) – do something fun because all work and no play…

The Iron Yard team works incredibly hard but we also find some time to enjoy life and our time outside of work. We also try to find time to appreciate the distance covered so that we can have the motivation to keep going and to make sure that the next sprint (in the big marathon) is aimed in the right direction.

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