Work and Play with CoWork @ Railside


I won’t lie: I think CoWorking in Greenville is about as good as it gets. Visitors from all over comment on our unique environment, and we’re super thankful for all of the amazing people that make our work environments what they are. And we’ve got more of a good thing coming soon:

We’re adding two new locations this spring. In a few weeks we’ll launch a space on Main Street in Downtown Greenville called “The Forge,” and by summer we’ll be up and running in Spartanburg at “The Mill.” Both locations will house accelerator classes as well as CoWorking space. Our original location, known simply as CoWork, is now called “Railside.”

In celebration, we wanted to invite you on a walk through the space that started it all, CoWork at Railside.


Want to know more about CoWorking at The Iron yard? Check out ourwebsite, talk to @CoWork on Twitter or Let us know if you’re interested in CoWork @ Railside, CoWork @ The Forge, or CoWork @ The Mill.

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