Lazy Friday Links, Vol. 10

This might be the latest we’ve ever published Lazy Friday Links. But there’s no minute like the last minute. And I had to get a bunch of black pipe threaded at Home Depot. Long story.

1) With the internet being so young, it’s funny to think about reminiscing about “the way it used to be” on the web. Still, Anil Dash’s article called The Web We Lost is an interesting look at what’s changed, and what social networks have had to do with it. Here’s a teaser:

We’ll fix these things; I don’t worry about that. The technology industry, like all industries, follows cycles, and the pendulum is swinging back to the broad, empowering philosophies that underpinned the early social web. But we’re going to face a big challenge with re-educating a billion people about what the web means, akin to the years we spent as everyone moved off of AOL a decade ago, teaching them that there was so much more to the experience of the Internet than what they know.

2) The smallest car you’ve ever seen.

3) Mind-bogglingly gorgeous time-lapse video.

4) Utterly and completely pumped.

*Obligatory cat-related-something, “Puppy Attack” edition.

Happy Friday.

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