Indianapolis’ civic leaders get a crash course in coding

High-tech software and services employment grew 18 percent in Indianapolis from 2012 to 2014. Just a few weeks ago, Salesforce announced that it will add 800 jobs to the market by 2021. On top of that, in the last 90 days alone, 165 junior-level developer positions have opened in Indianapolis.

As Indianapolis grows as a tech hot spot, it’s increasingly important for civic leaders, local businesses and education programs to work together to support a tech workforce that can meet the city’s needs.

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Top 7 reasons to learn Java now

Should you learn Java?

Learning how to program is not a one-size-fits-all process. There are several programming languages that can help beginners prepare to start careers in software development, and it’s important to figure out which language best fits your goals and interests. That being said, our instructor Zach Oakes makes a pretty good case for why Java could be the first programming language you learn. Below, he shares his top seven reasons why now is the time to learn Java. Read More

Team Member Spotlight: Gabe Shepherd

To the tourist, Las Vegas is best known for its casinos, nightlife and entertainment. But to Vegas residents, the city – while sprawling – is tight-knit with a vibrant tech scene and boundless energy.

Gabe Shepherd joined The Iron Yard’s team as Las Vegas Campus Director earlier this year and hit the ground running. He has one cohort already under his belt and another in full swing. Gabe has worked hard to enhance the sense of community students, instructors and Iron Grads feel when they’re on campus and to make sure The Iron Yard is a trusted partner within the Vegas tech community.

Below is a little bit more about Gabe and what he brings to The Iron Yard, in his own words:

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From the newsroom to the classroom: Sandra’s story

Sandra is a veteran journalist who spent years working for the Tampa Bay Times. She did everything from assignment editing to writing stories and serving as the senior web editor before taking a position as the executive director of the Edible Peace Patch Project, a nonprofit that creates sustainable food systems in St. Petersburg, FL.

After taking a few months off to take care of some family matters, Sandra saw an ad for The Iron Yard while she was in her hometown of Charleston, SC with her mother. She was reminded that there was also an Iron Yard campus in the Tampa Bay area, where she now lives, and she made a quick decision to join the Fall 2015 cohort.

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A Parent’s Perspective with Carolyn Wilson

“Mom, how would you feel if I went back to school?”

A simple enough question on its face, that’s exactly what Kate Wilson asked her mom Carolyn when she was considering enrolling in Charleston’s October 15th Front-End Engineering Course. Carolyn remembers the rest of the conversation quite clearly as well. She remembers Kate saying “It would be all day, from 9 to 5. It’d be full-time, every day, Monday through Friday.”
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Campus Spotlight: The Iron Yard Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg

Our Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg campus location is licensed and ready to accept new students this July, so we thought we’d take a few minutes to put the spotlight on this coastal campus location. Course Report recently checked in with our Campus Director, Toni Aliberti, to find out more about why The Iron Yard Tampa Bay is such an integral part of the local tech scene and how our alumni are doing.

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The Growth Mindset: Addie’s Story

At 19 years old, Addie Padula is quite smitten with her job as a Front-End Developer at Colonial Life. “Colonial Life is great,” she said. “I am part of an awesome team filled with great people. They’re all so much fun.”

Addie (“My full name is Rebekah Adair Padula…nobody calls me that!”) was a precocious homeschooler when she was first introduced to coding. “My mom had a dog breeding business, and she always had a website before that was a thing you had to have,” she said. “She was ahead of the curve.” Read More

Team member spotlight: Jess Scheuring, Front-End Engineering instructor

If you’ve ever wondered what type of person could become a successful programmer, today’s chat with our Front-End Engineering instructor, Jess Scheuring, is a must read. Her professional career has taken quite a few unexpected twists and turns – from quilter to baker to software maker – and her story is fascinating. We are so proud to have Jess as part of our team. Read on for more of her story (and after, don’t forget to check out her personal blog by clicking here).

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Opportunity Project creates opportunities in the classroom

In March, The Iron Yard had the honor of collaborating with the White House to launch the Opportunity Project. This program makes community-specific data sets open and available to the public to help communities create solutions to their most pressing challenges like increasing access to jobs, housing, transportation, schools, neighborhood amenities and other critical resources.

When the Opportunity Project was announced, The Iron Yard committed to using the “Open Opportunity Data” in our curricula and student projects. Now, three months later, many of The Iron Yard’s students have had the chance to use the data and create civic-minded apps that benefit the communities where they live and work.

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How code school can help you expand your skills and change your career

We all want to start out on the right foot and make the best impression possible when starting a new career. In many cases, that may mean not only having job experience, but also being able to present a unique and specific skill set aimed at your target field. If your dream job is in the technology field, these skills can be learned at code schools that are designed to either expand your skills in your current field, or provide you a new set of skills to aid in the search for a new career. Attending a code school is a great way to add to your competitive edge. Read More