Can code school help you get your start in Salt Lake City’s tech industry?

The race to become the next Silicon Valley is in full force. Thanks to a massive tech boom, Salt Lake City is a top contender. Salt Lake City has attracted tech elite like Adobe, Electronic Arts and Twitter, earned the Forbes title of being a top five city for tech jobs and can even boast that the city is home to tech unicorns – companies valued at over a billion dollars. With these big businesses and many more startups opening their doors in the Beehive State, competition for well-trained employees is in full force (and sending salaries soaring). Attending code school is a great way to learn an in-demand skill and get started in Salt Lake City’s booming tech industry. Read More

Is it possible to love your day job? This graduate says yes.

Jasper Furniss spent the first decade of his career in ministry as a worship leader. Though he’d already received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in ministry-related fields, Jasper knew he wasn’t finished learning. When a friend mentioned The Iron Yard, he was intrigued. Though he’d dabbled in code before, he had never had any formal training. “I love to learn,” he said. “I feel like the opportunity to learn something so complex as programming so quickly and develop a passion for it is what really interested me and brought me here.” Read More

The Week in News

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at The Iron Yard. Across the country, we’re gearing up for fall cohorts and we recently launched the Tech Opportunity Fund, a partnership of organizations committed to providing $100 million in diversity scholarships to deserving students who want to enter the tech industry.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from The Iron Yard this week:

  • Post and CourierThe Iron Yard is kicking in $40 million worth of free classes to a new technology scholarship fund, winning a shoutout from Vice President Joe Biden.
  • The StreetCourse Report’s annual survey finds that the bull market for coding boot camps continues apace.

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Want to be a lifelong programmer? Learn JavaScript.

We’ve really enjoyed talking with our instructors recently about the languages they teach. Their enthusiasm for what they do is inspiring. Today’s post will continue that trend. We talked all about why students should learn JavaScript with Calvin Webster, who taught for six cohorts at our Charleston campus and is now an Advisory Board member. Below are some excerpts from our conversation. Read More

Thriving during The Iron Yard: Advice from an IronGrad

Chris Meyers is a recent graduate of our Mobile Engineering course in Salt Lake City. He documented his journey throughout his cohort on his blog and he’s in the midst of interviewing for his first job in technology. 

We loved his advice for potential students on things to do to prepare for and thrive in a code bootcamp (and, specifically, at The Iron Yard). Read Chris’s blog post below:

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The number one mistake women make when considering a career change: Jessy’s story

Jessy could have started the career of her dreams years ago. Not that she disliked her job as a math teacher. In fact, teaching ultimately helped her discover her true passion – technology.

After graduating college with a B.A. in Psychology, Jessy knew she wanted to do something a little different than following the traditional path of becoming a psychologist. She wanted to make an impact, which is what led her to education. “As education became more technology-focused, I became more interested in the technology itself than being an educator,” she said. Read More

Demo Day in the District

img_3029Learning to code and graduating from one of The Iron Yard’s immersive courses is truly a labor of love. It requires dedication to mastering the craft and perseverance when you push past your comfort zone. But in spite of how challenging completing the course may be – or maybe because of how challenging it is – we hear time and time again from our graduates that at the end of their 12 weeks, they feel accomplished and incredibly proud of what they have achieved. That’s why at the end of each cohort, we take the time to celebrate and show off graduates’ new skills at Demo Day! Read More

Your company is looking for tech talent. You can help.

If you think about it, nearly every company in the world today is a tech company. Media conglomerates, educational institutions and global retailers all rely on technology to do business every day. Think about your own job – how many times a day do you rely on technology to get things done at work?

These companies are also facing increasingly complex business problems – many of which could be solved using technology. But equipping employees with the right tech skills to solve those problems can be a huge challenge.  Read More

Full-tuition Community Forward scholarships now available

Are you passionate about making your community a better place to live, work and play? We believe that many of the problems our communities face could be solved or improved through innovations in technology and creative software tools. In fact, tons of our students have created apps and websites for their final presentations that are designed to solve issues they see in their own neighborhoods, cities and states. Read More

#CSforAll – The White House Summit on Computer Science for All

Last week, we had the privilege of hearing Vice President Joe Biden include the launch of the Tech Opportunity Fund in a speech he gave in St. Louis about training Americans for jobs of the future. Today, we had the awesome opportunity to celebrate this announcement again at the White House Summit on #CSforAll and applaud the progress made toward the President’s historic call to action for Computer Science for All American students. All in all it’s been a pretty incredible week. 

We live in a world where technology is integrated into every part of our personal and professional lives; from how we communicate with friends and family, to how we share ideas, schedule meetings and book vacations. Diversity is one of the most pressing issues facing the tech industry today and we can’t wait to do our part in ensuring that the next generation of tech innovators are just as diverse as the people who use technology in their daily lives.

Want to learn more about how you can get involved with the Tech Opportunity Fund? Visit