Meet Gavin Stark, Tampa Ruby Instructor

We are thrilled to introduce Gavin Stark, who joined our Tampa Bay team in July as a Ruby on Rails instructor. Gavin founded the Tampa Ruby Brigade with fellow instructor Jason Perry, and has a passion for both tech and teaching. He also founded CoderNight to help all coders gain confidence and get honest feedback in a supportive environment. Gavin recently reflected on his journey to The Iron Yard.  Read More

London mayoral candidate visits The Iron Yard

We love hosting guests who visit our campuses. Whether it’s a graduate returning to encourage current students, a local tech leader giving a guest lecture, a potential employer checking out our processes, or elected officials who want to know more about what we’re doing and how we work. We love bringing people together and learning from each other.  Read More

Crash courses at The Iron Yard

We launched free Crash Courses at The Iron Yard earlier this year to provide a quick taste of coding for people who are interested in better understanding the world of writing code and developing software. Our intention has always been to create a safe space for people to ask questions and experience coding first-hand and our Crash Courses allow as many people as possible to get their feet wet. Plus, it’s a great chance to meet and interact with The Iron Yard’s staff and other people in the community.  Read More

Stories from the field – July 24

We often share some of the amazing stories that we get to hear about from our students as they struggle (and succeed) at becoming software developers. The Iron Yard student stories are their own, in their own words, and usually raw and uncut.

But they are real and authentic, just as they should be.

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Battle Of The Coding Schools: Atlanta style

Our friends at Hypepotamus in Atlanta are hosting a “battle of the coding schools” event this week to bring together the tech community and explore what makes Atlanta’s coding schools unique. Our own Sarah Lodato, Director of New Campus Operations, will be there to talk about what makes The Iron Yard different and our philosophy on life and learning. We asked her to give us a sneak peek into the event and why she’s excited to represent The Iron Yard.

team-sarah-lodato-atlanta-the-iron-yardWhy might this event be helpful for someone who wants to learn to code?

“We’re seeing some really exciting changes in tech education, specifically an interest in spotting the landscape with options as diverse as the needs we see in tech itself. Code bootcamps and online courses have been popping up like crazy – especially in big cities like Atlanta. It’s awesome that there is such great interest both from people who want to get into the tech world and from employers who need skilled developers. It’s important for potential students to figure out what model is going to work best for them. There are tons of factors to consider, and I’m honored to help point people in a direction that will help them succeed.” Read More

Teaching kids to code

Part of our mission at The Iron Yard is to invest in the local tech economy. What does that mean for us? It means making sure technology education and careers in technology are supported and advanced in each city where we are located. That’s why we offer free code classes for kids – we want to impact the next generation by helping unlock a passion for technology and encouraging STEM education.

We aren’t the only ones who think it’s important to talk to kids about coding and help them gain an understanding of technology and how things work. There are many benefits to exposing kids to coding and exploring kids coding courses. Read More

Nathan Spainhour and The Iron Yard Brand

In mid-2014 we’d grown from one campus to six, which meant we were producing a significant amount of marketing material. I was still the only full-time person working on marketing, so anything we produced was either created by me or designers I’d contracted ad-hoc. Running a lean marketing department allowed us to move far and fast on a small budget, but the consequence was inconsistency.

Fashion-Model2The Iron Yard had a solid foundation as a brand, but multiple people doing design work with no rules or standards meant that lots of things we produced looked very different, an unhealthy symptom for any brand.

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Hiring partner spotlight: Mad Mobile

We have some pretty amazing hiring partners at The Iron Yard. One of the best examples is Mad Mobile, a hiring partner with our Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg campus. They are a huge part of the local tech industry and have invested in students and graduates from The Iron Yard in big ways.

First, Mad Mobile recently hired one of our graduates, Sarrah Vesselov, as a Senior Web UI Developer. Here’s what Sarrah said about her experience and her transition to a full-time gig Read More

An Exciting Little Rock Open House

This week, The Iron Yard’s Little Rock campus hosted an open house to celebrate our new campus.  We were honored to have some very special guests who stopped by. Our campus director, Mary Dunlap, was there and provided a recap of the event. 

Governor Asa Hutchinson, Tom Dalton and Mary Dunlap

I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet, much less converse with the governor of Arkansas or the mayor of Little Rock. But earlier this week, I had one-on-one conversations with both of them on the same night!

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The Iron Yard loves downtowns

In June 2015, Smart Growth America published a report called Core Values: Why American Companies are Moving Downtown in partnership with Cushman & Wakefield and the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis. The report looked at why companies of all types have chosen to locate in the urban core of cities across the U.S. They studied hundreds of companies, and interviewed dozens of executives – including The Iron Yard’s own Jessica Mitsch, Director of Global Campus Operations – to find out more. Jessica is based out of our Durham campus location. Read More