Team Member Spotlight: Su Kim – Washington, DC Campus Director

At The Iron Yard, we are proud to work with passionate, driven individuals who all truly believe in the power tech education has to make a difference both in the lives of our students and in communities around the world. Spending time together last week at our annual All Hands Conference was an awesome reminder of how dedicated our team members are to making a difference.

Su Kim, our campus director in DC, has all of these characteristics and more. She began her career in advocacy positions for nonprofit organizations, and has translated her experience into being a tireless advocate for each and every student that passes through the doors of the DC campus. Plus, she’s a lawyer, an art teacher and a space nerd – a winning combination if you ask us.

Below is a little bit more about Su and what she brings to The Iron Yard, in her own words: Read More

Learn to code in Salt Lake City with a $3,000 scholarship

Software developers are in demand in nearly every city across the U.S. That demand is very real in Utah, where a survey just revealed that 95% of companies are looking for software developers right now. The Utah Technology Council’s 2015 Annual Engineering Workforce Data Survey (4th Quarter) also found that seventy percent of those companies are going out of state to recruit tech talent. That’s why we opened our Salt Lake City campus late last year, and why we’re excited to make a pretty cool announcement today that will help more people in Utah become software developers.  Read More

Learn to Code With Me podcast: Interview with Astrid Countee

A couple of weeks ago, one of our awesome graduates participated in an interview on the podcast “Learn to Code With Me” with Laurence Bradford. Astrid Countee graduated from our Houston campus in December 2014. She previously worked as a data analyst in the oil and gas industry before making the switch to software development. Today, she’s an anthropologist, a researcher, and a freelance software developer.  Read More

How to find a job after code school: An IronGrad’s perspective

Andrew graduated from our Back-End Engineering with Python program in Durham late last year. Today, he’s a Junior Web Application Developer at AT&T. As he became more comfortable in his new position and reflected on his code school experience, he decided to write out some tips for others who are interested in how to find a job after code school.

“Andrew took advantage of tons of opportunities for career support as he got close to graduation, from resume reviews to mock interviews to really engaging with the local tech community,” said Dana Calder, our Campus Director in Durham. His persistence and passion helped him begin his new career less than three months after graduating, and his tips for other code school grads are definitely worth checking out. We shared some of Andrew’s story with you back in March – click here if you haven’t read his story yet.

Here are Andrew’s tips for how to find a job after code school, in his own words:

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#TIYAllHands All Hands Conference recap: Day 2

As we mentioned on Friday, our team gathered together last week for our annual conference. Calling it a “conference” actually doesn’t do it justice – we spent most of our time talking about our amazing students and alumni, reflecting on a year of growth, and learning about some exciting upcoming announcements. Our instructors from around the country met together to discuss the latest in programming trends, and our Campus Directors spent an entire extra day together, preparing to welcome tons of new students to campus in the coming weeks and months. Read More

From Insurance Sales to Web Designer: George’s Story

Though George Perez’s first job was as a graphic designer, the path to his current job as an Interaction Designer for Beam & Hinge wasn’t exactly a straight one. ”I started web designing early,” he said. “I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just thought it was fun. It was a hobby.” But what started as a hobby – designing CD covers for his band – led to ongoing freelance work as a graphic designer following high school. Read More

#TIYAllHands Conference recap: Day 1

Once a year, our entire team gathers together for a two-day conference to share stories and information, spend time together and be inspired by the work we get to do every day at The Iron Yard locations around the country. We call it our All Hands Conference. This week, all 120+ of our team members have taken over Greenville, S.C. – our headquarter city. It’s hard to miss those unmistakable Iron Yard shirts!

There’s something special that happens when you are in the same room with the people you spend so much time communicating with over Slack or video chats. We talk (and write) about how passionate and authentic our team is, but when you get all of those people together in one room, the excitement and real-ness of those words are palpable.  Read More

From chemistry tech to developer: Pierre’s story

Pierre LaFerriere is originally from Montreal, Canada, but has lived in the Upstate since 1994. After doing a good amount of post-secondary work in biochemistry, he spent the majority of his career as a chemistry technician for the pharmaceutical industry. The only problem was, he felt stuck. “There was really no room for upward growth,” he said. “After long discussions with my wife about it, we decided that a change was necessary in order for me to really get fulfillment out of my career.” Read More

Team member spotlight: Jeff Boeh, Cincinnati Campus Director

Since we announced the opening of our Cincinnati campus in March, we’ve been busy working with employers, connecting with potential students, and prepping for our first cohort to begin next month! Oh, and we’ve also begun to assemble a pretty awesome team in Cincinnati, beginning with our Campus Director, Jeff Boeh. Jeff has a pretty cool story – his first job task was sweeping floors, he’s passionate about his chili, and he’s already been part of The Iron Yard family as part of The Iron Yard Ventures for the last couple of years.

Here’s a bit more about Jeff, in his own words.

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From U.N. intern in Nepal to Java Engineer at Fidelity: Nathan’s story

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in development economics and a master’s degree in political economy of late development, Canada-born Nathan Martin landed an internship with the Canadian branch of the United Nations in Kathmandu, Nepal. He spent most of his time researching and writing for the U.N., which led him to become a full-time writer after the internship was over. He wrote business blog posts and magazine articles for a variety of clients, which allowed him the freedom to continue traveling while he worked. Read More